You can say that I got my passion “through my blood”, because it was my mother, who is a dentist, that introduced me to the fascinating world of teeth. Already as a kid I stealthily watched her perform her duties, because her consulting room was literally in the next room. I was enchanted! After work, when her room was empty, me and my brother took over the unit and we performed hours long, complicated dental procedures on… our stuffed toys.


Studying at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW) was absolutely obvious for me. I took my first steps in veterinary dentistry already during my studies, when I was a volunteer at Multiwet animal clinic in Warsaw (2001) and at Veterinary Clinic of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of SGGW (2003). During my volunteer work I met such wonderful specialists like dr n. wet. Marek Turos and dr n. wet. Katarzyna Jodkowska, who helped me and made me sure that veterinary dentistry is what I want to dedicate my life to. Dr n. wet. spec. Jerzy Gawor, DVM, PhD, DAVDC, DEVDC became my scientific mentor, as it was him who supervised by clinical practice at Arka Clinic (2005).

Professional academic life:

After graduating (2006) from the SGGW I got a job offer in the same university, at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW), at the Division of Comparative and Clinical Anatomy (Department of Morphological Sciences of SGGW in Warsaw). I accepted the offer but in the meantime I worked in various veterinary clinics in Warsaw, as well as in the Small Animal Clinic of SGGW in Warsaw. In 2011 I completed my degree with the title of specialist in the scope of “Epizootiology and Veterinary Administrations”, while in 2014 I defended my PhD thesis “Elements of clinical head anatomy of long- and shorthair cats”. I am a member of European Veterinary Dentistry Society – EVDS and European Anatomy Veterinary Association – EAVA.


As a member of the academic staff of the SGGW, I transfer knowledge on animal anatomy to the students of SGGW. I continuously raise my qualifications in veterinary dentistry, taking part in multiple trainings and courses around the world on both veterinary and human dentistry, as well as at annual congresses organised by European Veterinary Dental Society. In 2014 I’ve begun further education at Post-Graduate Surgical Veterinary School. I represent SGGW at international conferences, presenting scientific researches, done along with the Gdańsk University of Technology. I cooperate with a dozen or so animal clinics in Warsaw and in the vicinity, to reach as many of animals in need as possible. My dream is to make all of pet guardians in the world aware, how important dental prophylaxis is for the quality and lifespan of our faithful friends. Both this website and my channels in social media were created to help me make this dream come true.
I can proudly say that I am a happy UN/INhuman dentist.