VETERINARY DENTISTRY is a series of processes that affect the healthy smile, and as a result also the health of the whole organism, of our beloved cats and dogs. A really alarming number of animals – 80% of dogs and 70% of cats – shows symptoms of oral diseases already in year of 3! The pet guardians are often not aware that their pets suffer from pain caused by dental diseases. Bad breath, which is usually the first sign, is simply belittled, underestimated and considered as something absolutely normal. The pet guardians do not understand why their pets suddenly lose their appetite, they do not enjoy their walks like they used to or maybe even refuse to catch the favourite ball with their teeth. Only after the treatment they see a significant improvement of their pets health. The animals want to play again, they enjoy their activities and they are ready to chew their favourite food again. Their guardians often call me and say: “Doctor, my dog behaves like a puppy again! He has sooo much of energy!”.

In veterinary dentistry prophylaxis is most important, as well as the team effort of: the guardian, the veterinarian and of course the patient. My task is to introduce preventive measures (or, if the case requires it, also the treatment) as soon as possible, to protect the animal from dental diseases and mucous membrane diseases. The key factor is the education – of the guardian – in scope of oral hygiene methods, among which the most important is brushing teeth. The task of the guardian is to put these methods in practice in lives of his or her four-legged friend. The sooner the little fellow gets used to brushing its teeth, the better. Regular check-ups at the animal clinic help us verify the effectiveness of our team effort. One thing is sure, though. Guided by the golden prophylaxis rule “better to prevent than to heal”, with our joint effort we will surely keep your pet’s smile beautiful and healthy for many, many years.
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